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The Job Search

7 words smart job candidates avoid in cover letters

Ace the cover letter now.

Pop Culture

5 ways to rock your career, according to Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’

"Know what your sh*t is worth.*

science of work

Why being bilingual helps keep your brain fit

Are people who speak only one language missing out?

Future of Work

Want your unemployment check? Take this drug test first

Opponents says drug tests violate workers' rights, are expensive and turn up very few offenders.

Levelling Up

5 books you’ve never heard of that will change your life

These books will help you see the world in a new light.

Age in the Workplace

5 ways the new health care bill could change things for workers

Older workers and those who get seriously sick are likely to be the most affected.

Age in the Workplace

New study proves it really is harder to find a job as you get older

The largest-ever study of age discrimination says the trend is very real.

How To

7 secrets to success you can learn from the 7-year-old girl who impressed Google

A precocious kid can teach you a lot about finding a job.

Five Tiny Resume Flaws You Can’t Afford to Make

These often overlooked mistakes will make you seem careless.


Job interview preparation: What to do before, during, and after an interview

Knowing what is expected of you before, during, and after an interview will put you in the best position to prove you’re the best candidate for any job.