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This is how Elon Musk makes big decisions

Today's Top Stories November 22, 2017


4 ways to deal in the office when an outside crisis is all you can think about

We've all been there: Some sort of crisis outside of work occurs, and it gets in the way of your job. Here's how to cope when unrest at home takes its toll.


How to be resilient: 8 steps to success when life gets hard

How can we be more resilient? Whether it’s dealing with unemployment, a difficult job, or personal tragedies, here are insights that can help.


Anti-harassment training doesn’t work — but this does

Anti-harassment training doesn't work. The most effective solution to ending sexual harassment at work is hiring more women into positions of power.


Here’s how to describe what you do when your relatives ask you this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A time for turkey, and loads of questions from family about what you're actually doing with your life. Here's how to describe what you do.


3 lessons on how to use vulnerability in your career from Brené Brown

Researcher Dr. Brené Brown has found that the key to success in any area of your life is to find the courage to be imperfect.


These are the 3 habits you need to learn anything

Habits are learned through rewarded practice. These are the three best ways to change your habits and optimize learning.


4 ways to deal with chronic time wasters at work

There's a difference between running into a coworker you're friendly with in the morning and catching up and that time wasters who bother you each day.

The Future of Work

This is why Facebook and Google are stealing your life

Companies like Facebook and Google were built to be addictive, say many involved in their creation. These services do not have your best interest at heart.


Here are two trends plaguing older workers

It’s clear that age plays a huge role in people’s concerns about work as the years tick forward. Here's how age changes older workers' views.


Ten bad habits you must eliminate from your daily routine

Get rid of these 10 bad habits and see all the good that happens next.

Report: These are the fastest-declining jobs in the U.S.